Senior Security Advisor

About Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) has been working in Afghanistan since 1982 and is presently managing development programmes linked to Strategic Objectives concerning Health, Education, Rural Livelihoods and Community Governance with a total annual budget of roughly USD 40 million. The total number of staff is around 6000 of whom 15 are non-Afghans. The SCA presence in Afghanistan consists of the Kabul Management Office (KMO), five Regional Management Offices and three Liaison Offices. In Sweden SCA has 20 staff working at the Stockholm Management Office (SMO) and around 4,000 members organized in local chapters all over the country. 
SCA activities are based on a Rights Based Approach – to satisfy hunger and live with dignity is a right, not a gift. SCA emphasizes that women have equal rights and should have the same opportunities as men. Through our programmes we support the empowerment of women. 
SCA operates in 14 provinces in Afghanistan, and contributes to stability in an unstable country. The programmes are predominantly implemented in rural areas. In Sweden SCA has around 20 staff at the office in Stockholm, and about 4 000 members organized in local chapters across the country.
For more than 35 years SCA has been present among those in Afghanistan with the greatest needs; despite war and conflict. SCA has decided to stay as long as needed.
SCA does not use armed guards, applies a certain level of protection, and stresses on acceptance among target groups and communities for enhancing individual and organizational safety and security.

Security Unit

The Security Unit is situated the Kabul Management Office and consists of a national Security Manager, an expatriate Senior Security Advisor, national Security Officers and all the Kabul located Security Guards. The unit also has close collaboration and cooperation with the Senior Security Officers working in our five Regional Management Offices. The Security Manager reports to the Country Director.

The unit is tasked to;

  • Develop and ensure an adequate and relevant security strategy related to the Afghan context based on SCAs principles of acceptance and unarmed protection
  • Make country and regional security analysis identifying trends that could have an impact on SCA operations or security of staff
  • Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities for the organization and its staff
  • Ensure a broad awareness among staff on security and safety through trainings
  • Strengthen the managerial capacities to recognize security and safety in their decision-making duties
  • Ensure that adequate security management tools and training and drills schedules are relevant and up-to-date
  • Coordinate and collaborate closely with Senior Security Officer at regional offices to ensure a standardized approach 

Scope of Work for the Security Advisor

The Senior Security Advisor is stationed in Kabul and reports to and advices the Security Manager. S/he is expected to conduct regular field visits and on-the-job training at the five Regional Management Offices of SCA.
The position demands a high degree of networking internally and externally, communication and ability to coach and advice colleagues. It entails supervising security management and ensuring SCA’s management is enabled to make informed strategic decisions which alleviate risks to staff, assets and reputation.
The scope of work includes supervising and overseeing adherence to SCA’s security management and security information systems, and continuous development of SCA´s security systems, plans and Standard Operational Procedures. This task also includes carrying out trainings and drills in safety, security, and training of trainers, directly or by selection and use of appropriate external resources. 


The specific tasks will include supporting and advising on:

  • Monitoring and prioritizing the short- and long-term implementation of security strategy and management, including conflict and risk analysis, with designing of adequate training packages and overseeing their implementation.
  • Strengthen SCA senior managements’ understanding of risks and safety within the context of operation and the context of the evolving environment in Afghanistan. This includes producing analyses of data and field findings, with emphasis on areas with programmatic and operational implications.
  • In close dialogue with Senior Security Officers provide support and hands-on advice to programme units and Regional Management Offices in order to strengthen and develop SCA’s acceptance strategy. 
  • Ensure continuous review of SCA security/contingency/evacuation plans/manuals and suggest amendments and modification as appropriate
  • Ensure regular awareness, safety, and security training for national and international staff in Afghanistan.
  • Brief new international visitors on arrival about the security situation and SCA security policies and guidelines including specific cultural and religious norms and behaviours.
  • Strengthen the emergency preparedness of the SCA crisis management teams in Kabul and Stockholm.
  • Security coordination of expatriate staff exposed to threats that require specific responses from the employer. This includes continuous management of a security regime, as well as ensuring adequate levels of preparedness for emergencies, hibernations and evacuations.
  • Networking and liaising with likeminded organizations and other actors currently working in Afghanistan, aiming at strengthened information sharing, mutual learning and enhanced acceptance of our work and our presence.
  • Ensuring a high degree of confidentiality when sharing ‘sensitive information’ to the unit.
  • Ensure a high level of procedural and physical security measures are in place at all SCA premises, including access control, visitor protocols, key management, and appropriate branding / visibility.
  • Any other task within the competences of the function as requested by Head of Security Unit

Entry Requirements


  • Academic degree, preferably within security management and master level
  • At least five years’ experience in handling information and data in the field of security management and risk assessment, including conflict sensitive programming of development cooperation

 Essential competence

  • Substantial experience from humanitarian/development agencies with large field operations
  • Track record of designing security protocols and guidelines for NGO operations and conducting security orientation and “do-no-harm” training,
  • Sound knowledge of humanitarian principles of impartiality and neutrality as outlined in the Humanitarian Charter and the International Red Cross Code of Conduct.
  • Substantial experience of work in conflict zones
  • Good Knowledge in Microsoft Office Programmes such as Word and Excel.
  • Excellent command of English

Desired competence

  • Previous experience from Afghanistan or a similar environment.
  • Certified trainer in Security Management and HEAT or equivalent
  • Demonstrated leadership/management skills including staff and budget responsibilities
  • Knowledge of Dari and/or Pashtu

Application information 

  • Contract period: 2 years with an initial 6 months probationary period 
  • Conditions: Non- family posting. SCA offers a competitive salary, free housing, insurances and other benefits. 
  • Duties to begin:  June 2019
  • Last date for application: 9 April 2019
  • Apply from (Lediga jobb) or (Vacancies) 
  • Download a 1-page letter explaining why you are interested in and suited for this position and your CV (no more than 2 pages) in English.



Placeholder title

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan Board bears overall responsibility for all operations in Sweden and in Afghanistan. The Board is appointed at the SCA annual general meeting.

The SCA Secretary-General, Andreas Stefansson, leads operations and reports to the Board.

In Sweden there is an office of around twenty employees, working with fundraising, communications, aid coordination and administration.

The majority of operations are carried out in Afghanistan, where the organization has more than 5 000 employees. Afghan headquarters are in Kabul. Operations are then divided among five regional offices who lead local activities.

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